School History - St Clement Danes School



School History

Old 91Ƭ image1The school has a proud history dating back to 1862 when the first St Clement Danes was opened as a boys’ grammar school in Houghton Street, London. In 1928, the school transferred to a new site in Hammersmith before moving to its present location as an all-ability, co-educational school in 1975.

The school has the support and financial backing of the St Clement Danes Holborn Estate Charity and the school’s own Charitable Foundation. This, together with the move to becoming an Academy Trust with effect from July 2011, has afforded the school significant autonomy to manage its activities in the best interests of the whole school community.

Links with the past have a very real impact on school life 91Ƭ Church sketchtoday. Every November, we celebrate our history through the annual Commemoration Service held at St Clement Danes’ Church on the Strand. This wonderful community occasion not only celebrates our heritage, but testifies to our successful present and ambitious future.

Each September, the school holds its annual Speech Day and Prize Giving. The event takes place in the Barbirolli Hall, named after Sir John Barbirolli, an Old Dane, who went on to conduct the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester for over three decades. The occasion brings together the whole school community to reflect on the past year, the school’s achievements and the many successes of individual students too.

150 logo studentsThe school is organised into eight houses. These are named after individuals associated with, or locations close to, St Clement Danes’ Church in London and the Inns of Court. The eight houses are Burleigh, Clare, Clement, Dane, Essex, Exeter, Lincoln and Temple. Students represent their house and take part in events throughout the year. This culminates in the annual Sports Day in July when the whole school community assembles on the field and takes part in good natured, inter-house rivalry. For more information on how the houses got their names please click here.